Apps for Cambridge® Exams

Cambridge First B2 Practice and Cambridge Advanced C1 Practice follow the lead of the four Use Of English questions on the revised Cambridge exams (Multiple Choice, Open Gap Fill, Word Formation and Keyword Transformation), to teach four advanced language skills. These are:
• building and using collocations, including idioms and phrasal verbs
• using grammar words, such as linking words and compound prepositions and conjunctions
• word formation, building different parts of speech
• rephrasing ideas using different grammatical structures

Each of the four sections of the apps corresponds to one of the four tasks. Each section has eight units including notes, preview and practice activities. Two sample exam questions are provided at the end of each section.

The apps each provide for 30-50 hours of study and include:
• short (3 min) video presentations
• tips about timing and marking as well as notes on language, meaning and usage
• word building, editing and multiple choice activities
• practice gap fill and transformation exercises
• sample exam questions
• progress tracking panel

The apps are designed especially to help students preparing to sit Cambridge exams but will be of value to all students from level B2 on up.
Cambridge® is a registered trademark of the University of Cambridge, which is not associated in any way with these apps.