Mobile Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 This privacy policy governs your use of the software applications Cambridge Advanced C1 Practice, Cambridge First B2 Practice, Cambridge Proficiency C2 Prep, PET ToolBox, Cambridge Proficiency C2 Prep, Verbbusters Irregular Verbs, VerbBusters Phrasal Verbs and Advanced Word Formation as well as the game The Charge ("The Applications") for mobile devices, created by VerbBusters / Aidan Michael Casey and distributed via the Apple App Store and Google Play.
1.2 The Applications (other than The Charge) are language learning software designed for students who are preparing the corresponding Cambridge© English language exams as well as for learners of English in general.
1.3 They consist of series of presentation, study and practice activities which present and practice the lexis and structures tested in the exams as well as other essential vocabulary and structures.

2. Data Collection and Sharing

2.1 The Applications collect no information whatsoever about you, the user, nor do they require sign on, registration or provision of any kind of data on your part.
2.2 The Applications do not collect usage, device or location data or any other kind of data or statistics whatsoever nor do they share any kind of data or statistics with third parties.
2.3 The Applications do not feature advertising or engage in data collection for advertising purposes.

3. Changes to this policy

3.1 In the event that this Privacy Policy should be changed or updated, you will be notified of any changes via this Web page and via the relevant Application Product Page.

4. Contact

4.1 If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Applications please contact the developer via email at Support mail.

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